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Created Mar 5, 2017
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Dear Client,
Effective Wednesday March 1, 2017, IB will be terminating a market data service you've subscribed to and offering a variety of other services with different features and costs as a replacement. Details regarding this change are provided below and we recommend that you elect a replacement service prior to this termination date if you wish to continue receiving live quote feeds.
What is changing and why?
The service being terminated for your account U****235 is the U.S Securities & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professionals.1 This service is being terminated due to a recent regulatory initiative requiring that U.S. stock quote feeds provide the consolidated National Best Bid & Offer (NBBO) from all market centers trading National Market
System stocks (i.e., NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ).
What replacement services will be made available and at what cost?
The replacement services are intended to accommodate those whose use of date is infrequent, and are therefore seeking to minimize the cost of data by paying on a per-use basis, as well as the more frequent users, whose cost is best minimized by paying a flat monthly fee. Services are as follows:
U.S. Securities Snapshot & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professionals - identical to the bundled service being terminated except that the streaming BATS exchange quotes will be replaced by a "snapshot quote". Here, the user elects when to update the quote and refresh the display with the current NBBO inclusive of the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges. The monthly fee for this service is USD 10 (waived if commissions of at least USD 30 are generated during the month) plus USD 0.01 for each snapshot requested. Note that the snapshot portion of the fee is not subject to waiver, regardless of commissions, but is capped at USD 1.50 per month by exchange.2
NYSE (Network A/CTA), AMEX (Network B/CTA) and/or NASDAQ (Network C/UTP) - clients may elect to subscribe to live streaming level 1 quote feeds from the NYSE, AMEX and/or NASDAQ at a cost of USD 1.50 each per month (not subject to waiver). If subscribed to the U.S. Securities Snapshot & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professionals service, any of the individual exchange feeds also selected would serve to provide a live feed in lieu of the snapshot quote for that exchange. If not subscribed to the U.S. Securities Snapshot & Futures Value Bundle for Non-Professionals service, live quotes will only be available for stocks listed on the individual exchange feeds selected and delayed quotes, rather than snapshot quotes, will be provided for stocks listed on the other exchanges. Clients seeking live quote for all NMS stocks will need to subscribe to each of the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ services at a combined monthly cost of USD 4.50.
What happens if I do not act?
Clients are not required to subscribe to market data through IB and if you do not elect to subscribe to a replacement service prior to March 1, 2017, you will no longer receive live quote feed and will received delayed market data at no cost.
To update your market data subscriptions, log into Account Management and select Manage Account, Trade Configuration and then Market Data menu options. For additional information regarding Snapshot quotes, please see KB2830.
1 Includes quotes for U.S. stocks on the four BATS exchanges, OTC stocks, futures and futures options from the four CME exchanges, various stock indices and U.S. bonds.
2 If a subscriber to this service requests at least 150 quotes for either of the NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ in any given month, they will automatically be subscribed to the live streaming quote feed for that exchange at no extra cost for the remainder of the month.
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