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Created October 6, 2022 16:26
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IBCE to IBIE Migration guide

Dear Mr. ..., Thank you for contacting Interactive Brokers Customer Service. If you would like to have an account with IBIE rather than an IBCE account, you can initiate a new account opening on our website. When you initiate the opening process, please specify a Western European country (e.g. Germany) as legal residence so the application can trigger IBIE as the governing entity of your account. Once you proceed further with the application and reach the tax details part, please contact us via ticket so we can change the account details manually and finish up the setup. Once your new account is opened, you can request a full manual transfer from your current account in the following way:

  1. Log into Client Portal
  2. Click to the User menu (head and shoulders icon) in the top right corner, followed by Secure Message Center
  3. Click to Compose, then click to create new to submit a new web ticket
  4. Select Funds & Banking as the category and Other Deposits and Withdrawals as the topic Within the ticket you should specify the old and the new account numbers and mention "Full manual account transfer" in the subject. Please note that the manual transfer process may take several weeks to complete, nevertheless you will be able to use your current IB-CE account without any restriction before the transfer. Once everything is migrated successfully, you need to close your IB-CE account as follows:
  5. Log into Client Portal
  6. Click the User menu (head and shoulders icon in the top right corner) followed by Settings
  7. In the Configuration panel click the Configure (gear) icon next to the words Close Account to launch the account closure page
  8. Open the page to see all of the steps you need to take prior to closing your account If you have any further questions, please use our FAQ (link below) or contact us if you cannot find the information you are looking for:

Kind regards, ... IBKR Client Services

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ruzickap commented Dec 7, 2022

Thank you for the guide.
I'm curious in which part of the registration process you need to contact the support and ask for the account change.

On the IBKR "first" registration page I selected Germany:


Then I received "Verify Your Account" email where I need to put my address "in Germany", Tax Residency, Tax Identification Number, National Identity Card Number and may other questions which are related to Germany and I can not fill.

Can you please specify the point where I need to go with the registration process before contacting the IBKR support please?

Thank you

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