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Last active May 12, 2022
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Annoying Kubernetes Issues

kubectl logs has quirks due to log-rotation

kubectl logs does not take into account container log rotation (kubelet config containerLogMaxSize and containerLogMaxFiles). You can still find the latest rotated logs in /var/log/pods/<namespace>_<pod-name>_<pod-uid>/ though.

Don’t assume --since=0s will have all logs since the container started because it won't look into previous log files. Don't assume a long-running --follow will always give you latest logs, because it will not switch over to the new log after current is rotated.

See: kubernetes/kubernetes#59902

KUBECONFIG is not portable

Problem: KUBECONFIG was created for a specific version of a "credential plugin". The user configured for the context has user.exec.apiVersion = but its user.exec.command returns a document. The client-go has no machanism to know how to build a v1beta1 from a v1alpha1.

This probably happens when KUBECONFIG is generated in one system but used in another, like when two completely different containers generate and use it.


Error: [VERB URL]: getting credentials: exec plugin is configured to use API version, plugin returned version
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