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package main
import (
func main() {
//TODO: this nil will crash. You need to setup a verifier
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site: bjshare-grouped
name: BJ Share (w/ stupid grouping)
description: BJ Share tracker w/ grouped layout
language: pt-br
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FROM scratch
ADD rootfs.tar.xz /
CMD ["/bin/bash"]

Building dependencies


$ cd Open_Source_packages
$ source
$ tar -xzvf ncurses-5.7.tar.gz
$ cd ncurses-5.7
$ ./ build

How to build tor for WD My Cloud EX2

WD My Cloud EX2 has an Marvell Armada-370 CPU (Marvell PJ4Bv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)) with 512MB RAM.

This device uses 32-bit binaries with 64K page size. WD releases a cross-compilation environment as part of its "WD My Cloud EX2 GPL Source Code". Download it from WD support page (making sure it matches your firmware version) and follow the instructions in My_Cloud_EX2_Release_Notes_GPL_*.txt to setup the environment. I recommend using a Debian OS.

The following packages are required to use the cross-compilation environment: build-essential automake lib32z1

Building dependencies

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Hash: SHA512
GPG Key Transition
For a number of reasons, I've recently set up a new OpenPGP key, and
will be transitioning away from my old one.
the old key was:

Building tor with Intel© Edison SDK

curl -fsSL | /bin/bash

Environment variables:

  • PREFIX - installation prefix. Defaults to /opt/edison
  • EDISON_SDK - path to Edison SDK. Defaults to /opt/poky-edison/1.6