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Things on my radar but not yet (OUTDATED)

Tecnology and Society

Kubernetes autoscaling

Kubernetes management

Linux process scheduling


X in cgroups/containers



performance tools



envoy (in practice)

Cloud Native

Concurrecy control


K8s supports running a single cluster in multiple failure zones (zones in GCP, availability zones in AWS). A single k8s cluster is limited to a single region (and cloud provider). Multi-cloud providers and multi-region requires multiple clusters.

However, Istio enables locality load balancing by default.

Constraints of having an EBS-backed PV in a multi-zone cluster:


Kubernnetes Security

QoS and oversubscription

CPU Limit (and throttling)


This is a v. good intro to the 4 types of metrics:

How other metric collection systems integrate with prometheus metrics?

There is also this free course:

  • alertmanager
  • thanos
  • cortex



ingress-nginx 0.26.0+ takes up to 300s (5 minutes) to terminate while waiting for termination of incoming connections. See release notes for:

  1. How long does it take for a pod scheduled for deletion to be removed from the list of backends across all ingress controller instances? Is it configurable?
    1. How long does it take to propagate a removal of pod to its Endpoints?
    2. How long does it take to propagate an Endpoint change to the "Lua handler" ( ?
    3. Can these things be measured? Is there any metric for this?

The "Cloud Native security" landscape

Microsoft Kubernetes landscape

The CNCF landscape

Spinakker and Kayenta

Flagger vs and vs vs vs vs vs vs

Data visualization



web server


Kubernetes monitoring architecture (in depth)

Extending Kubernetes


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