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Created April 4, 2014 03:49
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Tiny 2048 in C!
M[16],X=16,W,k;main(){T(system("stty cbreak")
]=l:0,++k,W|=2*!l,l=0);}w(d,i,j){return d?w(d
puts(""))printf(M[i]?"%4d|":" |",M[i]);W-2
||read(0,&k,3)|T(s (1,K[(k>>X)%4]));}//[2048]
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balaziks commented Apr 6, 2014

There is a small bug in this implementation:
When there is nothing to move in some direction but I press the arrow to that direction it'll spawn new tile. Original 2048 wouldn't let me do this.

After arrow-down:

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k1ll4m3 commented Apr 6, 2014

good job!

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sadid commented Apr 6, 2014

it has a warning (gcc) but works...amazing

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djlinks commented Apr 6, 2014 niubility

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amad commented Apr 6, 2014

loool fantastic :))

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yifanes commented Apr 7, 2014


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kunahe commented Apr 7, 2014


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armagad commented Apr 7, 2014

It is more like horse shoes than golf.

Maybe if there was some code hand grenading contest.

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moham commented Apr 8, 2014

WoW 8O
very impressive!

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xdqi commented Apr 11, 2014

Compiled successfully using MinGW and VC11 but unusable.

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Nice job

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oxUnd commented Jun 27, 2015

Nice job. +1

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findo commented Jun 27, 2015


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jagosw commented Apr 23, 2016

This is awsome, works well on mac!!

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