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Continuous Exploration

The process of refining ideas into an actionable backlog.


Learn more about how the database is created

Foo bar


asd fads fsda

async $beforeInsert (queryContext) {
await super.$beforeInsert(queryContext)
const trx = await Person.startTransaction();
await this.validateAssignmentOverlap(this, trx)
queryContext.resolveTransaction = trx;
async $afterInsert (queryContext) {
type CounterState = { count: number };
const initialState = {
count: 0,
function Counter() {
const [state, actions, queue, error] = useSimpleReducer(
// initial state
type ActionType =
| { type: "LOADING" }
| { type: "ADD_SUCCESS", payload: number }
| { type: "ADD_FAILURE", payload: any };
type StateType = {
count: number,
isActive: boolean,
error: any,
justinbmeyer / gist:dc11015d89a44f5a4b0fd949fe677214
Created November 27, 2020 18:40
how many numbers can you create with five 2s?
function fac(num) {
if(!Number.isInteger(num)) {
return NaN;
if(num > 10) {
return Infinity;
if (num === 0 || num === 1)


Thank you for applying to ROLE.

In this take home exercise, you will test that one of the YumCommerce endpoints is returning data successfully.
While we suggest particular technologies (mocha), you can build a similar test script with the technology you are most comfortable with.

  1. Create a github repo
  2. Setup a nodejs project