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View each-to-for.js
var canViewParse = require("can-view-parser");
var someSortOfEach = /\{\{#\s*each\(/
var eachMatch = /\{\{#\s*each\(\s*([\w\.\(\)]+)\s*\)\s*\}\}/;
function processStache(source) {
canViewParse(source, {
start: function(){},
end: function(){},
close: function(){},
View Why you might want to work at

Hello potential Bitovian!

I'm writing this blog post to organize my thoughts on working at Bitovi. I'm going to attempt to:

  • Answer the most common questions I get during the recruiting process
  • Help you determine if Bitovi is the right fit for you

I am extremely biased. Bitovi is largely a result of my ideals about what a consulting company can be tempered a bit by cold hard reality of needing to generate a profit.

What is Bitovi about?

View scope.js
// var keyInfo = Scope.keyInfo(key),
// parent,
// propName;
// if(keyInfo.remainingKey === "this") {
// // this prevents reading of observables
// options.readCompute = false;
// parent = this.readKeyInfo(keyInfo, options).value;
// return { parent: parent, how: "setValue" };
// }
View canjs-post.html
<p>In this guide, you will learn how to create a custom video player using the <code>&lt;video&gt;</code> element and <a href="">CanJS</a>. The
custom video player will:</p>
<li>Have custom play and pause buttons.</li>
<li>Show the current time and duration of the video.</li>
<li>Have a <code>&lt;input type="range"&gt;</code> slider that can adjust the position of the video.</li>
<p>The final player looks like:</p>
<div class="cp_embed_wrapper"><iframe id="cp_embed_qyRqMx" src="//;theme-id=dark&amp;slug-hash=qyRqMx&amp;default-tab=js%2Cresult&amp;user=justinbmeyer&amp;embed-version=2&amp;pen-title=CanJS%205.0%20Video%20Player%20-%20Final" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" height="350" allowtransparency="true" allowfullscreen="true" allowpaymentrequest="true" name="CodePen Embed" title="CanJS 5.0 Video Player - Final" class="cp_embed_iframe " style="width: 100%; overflow: hidden;"></iframe></div>
<p>The following sections are broken dow
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Last active Jul 22, 2018
JS Developers, do you need set algebra?

Dear JavaScript Developers,

I'm writing this letter to you as a message in a bottle, in the hope that I can find developers across different technologies (frontend and backend, react, vue, angular, etc) who might see the value of a new project (can-query-logic) and help find ways to fulfill its potential.

So what is this project and why should I care?

Great question! Here's the tldr:

  • WHAT - can-query-logic is a set algebra implementation for the most common logic operators (>, <=, etc).
  • WHY - can-query-logic can simplify common frontend and backend data-layer problems like caching and real-time. But as more of an implementation of ... er ... math, there's likely uses that I've not thought of, like dead code elimination.

In this guide, you will learn how to create a custom video player using the <video> element. The custom video player will:

  • Have custom play / pause buttons.
  • Show the current time and duration of the video.
  • Have a <input type="range"> slider that can adjust the position of the video.

The final widget looks like:





<my-paginate offset:from='0' limit:from='20'></my-paginate>

<script type="module">
import {Component} from "can";

Component.extend( {
	tag: "my-paginate",
	ViewModel: {
		offset: { default: 0 },

What do you mean by "these types of tests"? Do you think there's a substantive difference between an internet survey and a peer reviewed Harvard study created by 3 Phds? Or are both corrupt?

I took the race one. It said:

Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for European Americans over African Americans.

Which doesn't really surprise me (if it does embarrass me). Tribal affiliations are one of humans strongest tendencies. We evolved in small waring tribes. The fact that we can even get along with people who look just like us is a big step forward. Religion, government, and trade have all been tools that helped expand (and sometimes add limits to) our ingroup/outgroup mentality.

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