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Things you might not know about JavaScriptMVC
  1. You can use every part on its own via the download builder.

  2. It's core MVC components are only 7k minified and gzipped.

  3. You can make changes and just refresh your browser. But for production, you can build all your files into a single script.

  4. FuncUnit can simulate complex user actions and run your tests in Selenium or PhantomJS.

  5. It's MIT licensed, 3 years old and maintained by Jupiter Consulting and several contributors.

  6. It can make your ajax-app crawlable.

  7. It has a host of DOM events and extensions for things like Drag-Drop, swipe, and hover events, Text Ranges, Form Helpers, browser history, and much much more.

  8. It encourages a particular folder structure, but works with any system.

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