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Created September 17, 2015 23:12
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Camera settings on v4l2
v4l2-ctl -c brightness=0
v4l2-ctl -c contrast=120
v4l2-ctl -c white_balance_temperature_auto=0
v4l2-ctl -c gamma=120
v4l2-ctl -c white_balance_temperature=4700
v4l2-ctl -c sharpness=100
v4l2-ctl -c backlight_compensation=0
v4l2-ctl -c focus_absolute=10
v4l2-ctl --list-ctrls-menus
# Set exposure_auto (menu): min=0 max=3 default=1
# 1: Manual Mode
# 3: Aperture Priority Mode
v4l2-ctl -c exposure_auto=1
v4l2-ctl -c focus_auto=0
#while [ $EXPOSURE -lt 20000 ]
# echo $EXPOSURE
# v4l2-ctl -c exposure_absolute=$EXPOSURE
# sleep 0.1
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