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James Cook jwscook

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jwscook / Functionals.jl
Created Jun 9, 2018
Avoiding functions in types; performance comparison & invitation for code review
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module Functionals
abstract type Abstract end
type Functional <: Abstract
Functional(t::Float64) = Functional(0.0, 12.0 * t)
jwscook / ThreadProblemMWE.jl
Last active Jun 23, 2020
Finding optimal threading of two consecutive double loops where some rows are skipped in the first double loop and the second double loop depends on the output of the first.
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using Base.Threads, Random
function run(;waittime=1.0e-3)
function calcsubset(N)
return sort(shuffle(collect(1:N))[1:Int(ceil(round(N / 3)))])
# we know that only a sorted subset of rows need be iterated over for the first loop
jwscook / RandAlwaysHalf.jl
Created Jul 6, 2020
Use Cassette and ReplMaker to create REPL that has deterministic rand()
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# Based on
using Cassette, ReplMaker
Cassette.@context RandAlwaysHalf
randreturnshalf(s, x) = x
function randreturnshalf(s, f, fx)
if f == rand
return randreturnshalf(s, one(typeof(fx)) / 2)
jwscook / ReplaceRand.jl
Last active Jul 7, 2020
@replacerand macro to replace calls to rand() by a given function e.g. x->0.5
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A macro `@replacerand` that replaces the value returned by a call to `rand` with something else.
using Cassette
Cassette.@context ReplaceRand
Cassette.overdub(ctx::ReplaceRand, fn::typeof(rand), args...) = ctx.metadata(args...)
jwscook / Cuckoo.jl
Last active Jul 14, 2020
The Cuckoo replaces eggs in a nest without the developer knowing, but not a very good way.
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module Cuckoo
export @cuckoo
using Cassette
Cassette.@context Ctx
function _cuckoo(chicks::Dict, nest)
for (oldchicks, newchicks) chicks
@eval function Cassette.overdub(ctx::Ctx,
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using Random
const seed = hash(time())
searchstring = "const seed = "
open("$(@__FILE__)" * ".reproducible", "w") do io
for line in readlines(open(@__FILE__))
if length(line) > length(searchstring) && line[1:length(searchstring)] == searchstring
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