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Room Settings


  • Name the room in the format DCR <topic|language> ex: DCR PoS Voting or DCR Spanish
  • Set a room address like
  • Enable the setting "Publish this room to the public in's room directory?"
  • Add the "flair"

Security & Privacy

  • DO NOT enable encryption, it will cause problems

Urgent: Mandatory upgrade to Decred software required.

Decred's 1.4.0 release brings significant improvements, along with a proposed change to the consensus rules which fixes a bug with the Lightning Network support. As the vote cannot begin until 95% of PoW miners have upgraded, it is imperative that mining pools upgrade at their earliest convenience. Please be reminded that if stakeholders perceive an unreasonable delay with PoW miners upgrading to allow this vote to proceed, it is within the power of PoS voters to withhold block rewards from miners who do not upgrade. Developers need this fix to be applied so that they can get on with the important work of bringing Lightning Network to Decred.



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2013-04-07 Memcoin2 (MC2) whitepaper announced by tacotime. -
2013-05-01 btcd Bitcoin full node written in Go announced by Conformal Systems. -
2015-11-30 "Bitcoin’s biggest challenges" published by Jake Yocom-Piatt. -
2015-12-15 Decred announced on bitcointalk. -
2016-01-25 Airdrop vetting finalized. -
2016-02-08 Decred mainnet launched. -
2016-02-21 First PoS votes are included in block 4096. -
2016-03-23 Decred RFP to incentivize the creation of 10 stakepools. -

Interacting with exchanges

Having spent some time pursuing exchange listings and breaking the hearts of potential bribees I have gleaned some insights that may be of use to others who are undertaking this endeavor.

I will preface my comments with the following disclaimer: The main reason that I am currently only focusing on a very short list of exchanges that have fiat on-ramps is that I feel we are already on all the most important pure crypto exchanges. I no longer feel it is worth the effort for me to get listings at sparsely used exchanges. That is not to say there aren't still some worthwhile opportunities and it isn't my place to tell other contractors what to do, however I'm hoping I can provide guidance so we can avoid wasted time and frustration.

  1. All exchanges are not created equally. I sometimes joke that "exchanges are the new ICOs" and in some cases, exchanges have literally done ICOs. Very few have a sustainable business model. Many of them will likely fold as their only source of revenue

Decred Tweeting Style Guide

  • Always tag @decredproject when tweeting. It’s not enough to use #Decred or $DCR. If you want it to be seen and RT’d by the project account we need to be notified about the tweet.

  • If at an event, use the proper hashtag e.g., #Consensus2018 this massively increases the visibility as many people will follow trending hashtags. Other tags like #blockchain, #crypto, or #fintech can help a great deal as well.

  • Don’t make spelling mistakes. Proof your tweets, even the silly ones, we like to look professional even when we’re screwing around. We usually won’t RT things that contain spelling or grammatical errors.

  • Tag the people in your tweet, and tag them in pictures (always include pics when possible). It increases the chance of receiving a RT from them and getting us outside the echo chamber of people who follow Decred already.


On Image

One of the factors that differentiate Decred from our peers, apart from the quality of our code and the philosophy behind it, is the way in which we present ourselves. We have what I believe to be the best design teams in the space, and receive compliments to that effect often.

So on that note, I felt it prudent to share some thoughts on how we can best present ourselves in public, as instances of asymmetry have arisen in the past, and as we expand our footprint internationally with local teams holding events and doing outreach I expect these issues to emerge more often.

  • Everything we produce with a Decred logo on it reflects on the project.

I would make the case that it's better to have no swag than to give people low-quality items with our branding on them. E.g., a five cent pen that I can crush in one hand or a t-shirt that feels like it's made out of sandpaper. Everything Decred should convey high quality.

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Last active Nov 22, 2018
Your offer sounds great, let me introduce you to Politeia!


I've put together a short blurb that I'll be using on anyone who I suspect is going to ask me for money, I no longer have patience for taking pitch calls. I rather focus more on higher value targets. Will post it here for review and in case anyone else wants to use/adapt it for their own purposes.


As a decentralized project, there are two main ways with which Decred handles integrations.

  • If there are no fees involved any service provider is free to add Decred support, we're also happy to address questions that your developers may have in our Slack channels (
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