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.Intro-content .sqs-col-12>.sqs-block:not(.float):not(.sqs-float-left):not(.sqs-float-right):not(.sqs-block-gallery):not(.sqs-block-image):not(.sqs-block-video):not(.sqs-block-map):not(.sqs-block-calendar):not(.sqs-block-menu):not(.sqs-block-tourdates):not(.sqs-block-summary-v2):not(.sqs-block-archive):not(.sqs-block-instagram),
.Main:not(.Main--events-list):not(.Main--events-item):not(.Main--blog-list) .Main-content .sqs-layout .sqs-col-12>.sqs-block:not(.float):not(.sqs-float-left):not(.sqs-float-right):not(.sqs-block-gallery):not(.sqs-block-image):not(.sqs-block-video):not(.sqs-block-map):not(.sqs-block-calendar):not(.sqs-block-menu):not(.sqs-block-tourdates):not(.sqs-block-summary-v2):not(.sqs-block-archive):not(.sqs-block-instagram),
.tweak-blog-list-style-stacked .BlogList--posts-full .sqs-layout .sqs-col-12>.sqs-block:not(.float):not(.sqs-float-left):not(.sqs-float-right):not(.sqs-block-gallery):not(.sqs-block-image):not(.sqs-block-video):not(.sqs-block-map):not(.sqs-block-calendar):not(.sqs-block-menu
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(function(b) {
function a(b, d) {
if ({}, b)) return a.cache[b];
var e = a.resolve(b);
if (!e) throw new Error('Failed to resolve module ' + b);
var c = {
id: b,
require: a,
filename: b,
exports: {},
from PIL import Image
import time
FILTER_LIST = [('nearest', Image.NEAREST),
('bilinear', Image.BILINEAR),
('bicubic', Image.BICUBIC),
('lanczos', Image.LANCZOS),
('antialias', Image.ANTIALIAS)]
FILE = '/Users/karl/Documents/2016/10/12/thumbnail-test/original.png'
SIZE = (500, 500)
from collections import Counter
import requests
from import SRTReader
import lxml.html
from nltk.corpus import stopwords
from nltk.tokenize import word_tokenize
from nltk.stem import WordNetLemmatizer
lang = 'en-US'
path = ''
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this is it.
The HTML is pre-generated.
The cite button just change the display to not hidden so the div appears.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# encoding: utf-8
Monitor the needsdiagnosis milestones.
Created by Karl Dubost - 2018-02-18
import datetime
import json

Build Tools For Webcompat

webcompat is an opensource project. It relies on the effort of Mozilla webcompat team and contributions from volunteers across the world. Microsoft Edge team and Google Chrome team are also participating time to time.

There are different areas were you can create an impact on developing tools including:

>>> from lxml.html.diff import htmldiff, html_annotate
>>> frag1 = """<li class="foo" id="barbitruc">"""
>>> frag2 = """<li id="barbitruc" class="foo">"""
>>> print htmldiff(frag1, frag2)
<li id="barbitruc" class="foo">
>>> htmldiff(frag1, frag2)
u'<li id="barbitruc" class="foo">'
>>> '<ins>' in htmldiff(frag1, frag2)
>>> '<del>' in htmldiff(frag1, frag2)
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2017-10-30T10:13:24 INFO Issue 97. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:09 INFO Issue 137. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:16 INFO Issue 144. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:21 INFO Issue 150. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:21 INFO Issue 151. Too many labels. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:21 INFO Issue 152. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:21 INFO Issue 153. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:33 INFO Issue 164. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:39 INFO Issue 171. No label. Review!
2017-10-30T10:14:58 INFO Issue 188. No label. Review!

Safari iOS Request

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Connection: keep-alive
Accept-Language: fr-fr
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.1.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.3 Mobile/14E277 Safari/603.1.30
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