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Kate Donaldson katelovescode

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katelovescode / ice_parsing.txt
Created Sep 21, 2019
Parsing Results from FY 2019 Search of ICE Contract Awards
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> table = CSV.parse("all_contracts_prime_awards_1.csv"), headers: true)
=> #<CSV::Table mode:col_or_row row_count:2567>
> obligated_amount = table['obligated_amount'].map(&:to_i).sum
=> 5118737376
> obligated_amount = table['current_total_value_of_award'].map(&:to_i).sum
=> 5438641566
> obligated_amount = table['potential_total_value_of_award'].map(&:to_i).sum
=> 14747351010
katelovescode / .gitconfig
Created Jan 20, 2019
Git cleanup alias
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cleanup = "!f() { git remote prune origin && git checkout develop && git fetch --all && git pull && git branch --merged develop | grep -vE ' develop$| master$| staging$| testing$' | xargs -n 1 git branch -d; }; f"
katelovescode /
Last active Sep 20, 2018
Questions I'm asking on the job hunt

Round 1

  • Tell me about the state of your current product and where you'd like to see it go in the next two years. What are your engineering goals?
  • What responsibilities would I have in the role I'm being considered for?
  • What would you say are the top two personality traits someone needs to do this job well?
  • Why are you hiring for this position?
  • How are you currently making product decisions? What are you hoping to change about that process, if anything?

Round 2

katelovescode / roman_numeral_converter.rb
Created Sep 7, 2018
Convert from Roman Numerals to Arabic
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require "pry"
"m": 1000,
"d": 500,
"c": 100,
"l": 50,
"x": 10,
"v": 5,
"i": 1
katelovescode / facebook.css
Last active Sep 16, 2018
User Stylesheet to stop Facebook from displaying chat windows
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# Use the User CSS Chrome extension, navigate to facebook, double click the User CSS icon to
# display the slide-out CSS window, and add the following code to the page so your Facebook
# messenger chat windows don't display
#pagelet_dock, #pagelet_sidebar {
display: none;
katelovescode /
Last active Sep 19, 2019
Get Marginalized Folks in Tech and Keep Them There
katelovescode / .rubocop.yml
Created Jun 22, 2018
Rubocop configuration when using rubocop-rails gem
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- config/rails.yml
TargetRubyVersion: 2.5.1
DisabledByDefault: false
- "bin/**"
katelovescode / limited_api.rb
Created May 24, 2018
CSV output from a JSON API with a call limit
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require 'httparty'
require 'csv'
require 'json'
x = 0
while x < 46296 # this is the last record in my particular API
puts "on offset #{x}"
url = "{x}&limit=500"
response = HTTParty.get(url)
jobs_only = { |job| job["uuid"] != nil }
katelovescode / select_appointment_dates
Last active May 22, 2018
Select appointment_dates where all dates are unconfirmed for a specific appointment
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DROP TABLE IF EXISTS appointments;
CREATE TABLE appointments (
id integer,
title varchar(255),
created_at date
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS appointment_dates;
CREATE TABLE appointment_dates (
id integer,
View gist:f1b701746a6a7e86d9e7dcfbefc7a511
"test": "nyc mocha --recursive --require test/setup.test.js --recursive --timeout 15000",
import 'jsdom-global/register';
const enzyme = require('enzyme');
const Adapter = require('enzyme-adapter-react-15.4');
const chai = require('chai');
const sinon = require('sinon');
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