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install neovim to amazonlinux
#!/usr/bin/env bash
sudo yum groups install -y Development\ tools
sudo yum install -y cmake
sudo yum install -y python34-{devel,pip}
sudo pip-3.4 install neovim --upgrade
cd "$(mktemp -d)"
git clone
cd neovim
sudo make install
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petergi commented Nov 7, 2018

Damn! Thank you. What a pain it's been until I found this!
Every other method I tried failed miserably!

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thank uuuuuu

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fedrod commented Oct 9, 2020

Thank you for this! One small difference for me, when I got to this step
sudo pip-3.4 install neovim --upgrade

I had to do this instead:
sudo pip3.4 install neovim --upgrade
(without the dash!)

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thank you

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