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Alexander Grebenyuk kean

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tkachenko1503 /
Last active Apr 21, 2020
Do we need types in JavaScript? Or maybe not?

This is my lightning talk submission to ReactiveConf 2018

In this talk, I want to share my experience gained during the development of frontend applications in several programming languages.

I think it's not a secret for anybody that developing large JavaScript applications is not so easy as it seems at first glance. We all want something simpler and more reliable. Therefore, many developers and even entire companies switch to different, compiled in JavaScript, programming languages. The bulk of such transitions is accounted for TypeScript and flow, and often, developers faced with more problems than they were before.

I wasn't the exception. Moving to a new project, I started using TypeScript and was disappointed. Luckily in my next project I used ClojureScript and it was like everything is illuminated!

onmyway133 / .gitignore
Last active Oct 27, 2021
AutoLayoutConverter - 🐜 Convert Cartography to NSLayoutAnchor
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ole / XCTExpectation.swift
Last active Dec 6, 2021
A variant of XCTKVOExpectation that works with native Swift key paths. To try it out, paste the code into an Xcode playground and observe the unit test output in the console. See my blog post at
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import XCTest
/// An expectation that is fulfilled when a Key Value Observing (KVO) condition
/// is met. It's variant of `XCTKVOExpectation` with support for native Swift
/// key paths.
final class KVOExpectation: XCTestExpectation {
private var kvoToken: NSKeyValueObservation?
/// Creates an expectation that is fulfilled when a KVO change causes the
/// specified key path of the observed object to have an expected value.