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Created Oct 10, 2019
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Monitor packet loss to a particular host and send statistics to Cloudwatch
import threading
import time
import logging
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format='[%(levelname)s %(asctime)s %(name)s] %(message)s')
logger = logging.getLogger('pingmon')
import boto3
from pythonping.executor import Communicator
target = ''
timeout = 1
client = Communicator(target, None, timeout)
seq = 1
identifier = client.seed_id
attempts = 0
lost = 0
dump_requested = False
session = boto3.Session(profile_name='monitoring')
cloudwatch = session.client('cloudwatch')
def monitor():
global attempts
global lost
while True:
loss = round(100 * lost / attempts)'{} packets sent {} packets lost {}% packet loss'.format(attempts, lost, loss))
attempts = 0
lost = 0
'MetricName': 'PacketLoss',
'Unit': 'Percent',
'Value': loss
], Namespace='Home')
thread = threading.Thread(target=monitor, args=())
thread.daemon = True
thread.start()'pingmon is monitoring {}'.format(target))
while True:
attempts += 1
client.send_ping(client.seed_id, seq, b'a')
res = client.listen_for(identifier, timeout)
if not res.message:
lost += 1
seq = client.increase_seq(seq)
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keeth commented Oct 10, 2019

Ping a host every second. Every minute send packet loss percentage metric to Amazon CloudWatch.

I wrote the script so that I could monitor my upstream internet connection via Raspberry Pi. Sending to Cloudwatch meant that I did not need to log the data to disk and worry about wearing out my SD card.

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