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Created February 11, 2015 01:55
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- ssh
- salt
- java
- match: compound
- cms
# START salt-master bootstrap items
# These are required to bootstrap a local salt-master in Vagrant.
# Items here should mirror sprightco/secrets/pillar/top.sls,
# but only need to include any items that target roles:salt-master
# See:!topic/salt-users/oVLNmOULTVo
'G@roles:salt-master and G@env:prod and G@user:vagrant':
- match: compound
- prod.salt
# END salt-master bootstrap items
- match: compound
'G@roles:salt-master and G@env:prod':
- match: compound
- prod.salt
'G@roles:cms and G@env:prod':
- match: compound
- prod.cms
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