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Last active May 12, 2021
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My notes on using GPD Win


GPD Win is a really enjoyable piece of hardware.

Windows 10 Clean Installation

  • Make an installer USB stick with the Windows media creation tool.
  • Insert the USB stick and turn the power on.
  • Hold the DEL key to open the BIOS screen.
  • Select the USB stick as a boot device.
  • Follow the installation steps.
  • Download the driver pack with using another PC. The driver pack is available from the Reddit FAQ thread.
  • Open "inf" directory in the driver pack, and execute the batch file as an administrator (from the right-click menu).
  • Configure the Wi-Fi network.
  • Do Windows Update.


  • Turn off Windows Defender while installing software (especially Chocolatey). It takes all the CPU load, and installation will never end.
  • It fails to boot up if the power supply (USB-C) is connected. See the Reddit FAQ thread to resolve this issue.
  • It seems that some USB sticks are not supported as an installation media. Try another one when it fails to install.

Things I Tried

  • Unity - Runs slow, but works.
  • Vim, Rust - Works perfectly.
  • Processing - Works comfortably.

Things I failed

  • TouchDesigner - The installer never ends.
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