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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
"share ln guys
1kphp rakk kimat xt.2 salamat sa sale ni easypc north И_"
"ako na lang ba outdated dito
phaseout na ata tong rig ko
kelangan na ba upgrade?
intel core i7 3770 3.4ghz
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It turns out that Beteleguis may have been a spirit like Ia, Puck, or Beatrice. Betelegius takes over bodies that have the Witch Factor. All the fingers had them. Subaru does apparently too. What exactly is the Witch Factor remains a mystery in this Act, but it something Felix can detect when he touches a person. That is how he found out that 3rd Finger (merchant) as he had a similar odd presence that Betelegius (original and red hair girl) had when in the first loop of this battle. Betelegius asks Subaru to show this when he asks him about the Gospel in the second loop of this battle. In the first loop of this battle when Emilia fights Betelegius, Puck could not engage in the battle. Apparently, he is bound by a pact to not interfere with the Trial. He did not remember this until he tried to join. (This is likely changed in the Light Novels.) The epilogue for this episode/Act was cut. When Subaru and Emilia travel back to Crusch's mansion, Subaru brings up Rem in the conversation. Emilia's response... Who is

5:18 PM]
Ace Subido ok! im up!

[5:21 PM]
First time I saw it was watching PewDiPie scare himself in youtube. Wanted to buy one ever since. I feel like hindi siya magiging super mainstream in our lives likened to the mobile phone, since you only use it for immersive experiences. In the future though, when it’s less bulkier than how it’s currently built 😄 +Buddy Magsipoc @acesubido: what are your thoughts on VR Posted in #amaJune 16th at 4:43 PM

keikun17 /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Miguel Paraz AMA

Q: James: What are three differences in terms of tech culture in Oz from Ph?

A: Just my opinion... The main difference is because of the work culture. Since work-life balance is a big thing, people spend more time away from tech and into their families, and going out... Though the good side here is people can spend their free time on the tech they want.

I haven't been into the local startup scene here in Melbourne, but I think there's less motivation to do startups since people earn enough. It also hurts that salaries are higher – good for employees, but hard for startups. So it's also far from “Silicon Valley” here.

But even if there are less startups – maybQe even less startups than the Philippines – there is more tech stuff going on in non-startups. For example, I'm working in enterprise software – for a bank – and their front-end tech is using modern tech stacks.


Question by @nico_darambong: why prefer to be the early bird type of hacker as most are nocturnals?

Starting up early gives you a long day. Let’s say 5am to 10pm. Practically equivalent of 2 work shifts :p

Morning (or fresh from sleep) actually is the most effective way to think for me. Basically, I spend my first hour going through what I need to do today (randomly, while Facebook-ing). Simplest to say, mornings are my peace time and I pseudo-meditate by doing nothing.

Additionally, I have sites running globally and processing transactions so I check them if they are still up and our contact emails if there are any critical issues.

View gist:a7012f896794bdfa2e4b
Valerian@Valerian ~ $ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 snakekillsvoldemort ( 1.969 ms 1.195 ms 1.064 ms
2 ( 1.473 ms 1.574 ms 1.613 ms
3 * * ( 37.128 ms
4 ( 18.981 ms 20.316 ms 22.769 ms
5 ( 18.948 ms ( 52.616 ms ( 28.564 ms
6 * ( 21.094 ms 31.121 ms
keikun17 / gist:e48b595d1ba09fc0cc6e
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Heroes Valerian@Valerian
View gist:e48b595d1ba09fc0cc6e
Valerian@Valerian ~ $ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 snakekillsvoldemort ( 1.513 ms 1.251 ms 0.993 ms
2 ( 1.546 ms 1.423 ms 1.639 ms
3 ( 19.285 ms 18.684 ms 18.459 ms
4 ( 17.439 ms 18.331 ms 18.596 ms
5 ( 18.687 ms ( 31.026 ms ( 23.660 ms
6 ( 26.479 ms
View decorator.rb
# from
require 'delegate'
class Decorator < SimpleDelegator
include ActionView::Helpers
include ActionView::Context
include Rails.application.routes.url_helpers
def self.decorate_collection(arr)
keikun17 / gist:57bc5a3bafbdb714288b
Last active Aug 29, 2015
markdown backtick test
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code snip something here gets cut pet

code snipp something here gets cut et

keikun17 / mech_spec.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Why i love Rspec 3.1
View mech_spec.rb
require 'spec_helper'
describe MWO::Mech do
describe '.all', vcr: {cassette_name: 'all_mechs'} do
subject { described_class.all }
let (:hbk4g) { an_object_having_attributes(name: 'hbk-4g', max_armor: 338, mech_id: 1, total_tons: 50, weight_class: 'Medium') }
let (:com3a) { an_object_having_attributes(name: 'com-3a', max_armor: 178, mech_id: 6, total_tons: 25, weight_class: 'Light') }
it "returns a collection of mechs collection" do
expect(subject).to include(an_instance_of(described_class))
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