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Kellen Mace kellenmace

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kellenmace / dynamic-module-import.js
Created Mar 18, 2021
Dynamically import an NPM module from to try it out
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// Dynamically import an NPM module from to try it out.
// Run this in your browser console.
(async function() {
const axios = (await import('')).default;
const response = await axios.get('');
kellenmace /
Created Jan 12, 2021
Traditional vs. Headless WordPress Debugging Methods
WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY 👉 Enable WPGraphQL Debug Mode & inspect response errors
die() / wp_die() / var_dump() 👉 wp_send_json() or Enable GraphQL Debug Mode and use graphql_debug()
Postman/REST client 👉 Enable GraphiQL IDE
WP_DEBUG_LOG 👉 Still works!
Xdebug on page load 👉 Xdebug triggered by GraphiQL request in the wp-admin
Query Monitor 👉 Enable GraphQL Query Logs
NewRelic/Profiling tools 👉 Enable GraphQL Tracing
kellenmace / lazilyLoadedComponent.js
Last active Nov 30, 2020
Use React.lazy() to lazily load NPM packages on the client
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import React, { Suspense } from "react"
import hasMounted from "../hooks/useHasMounted"
const SomeNpmPackage = React.lazy(() => import("some-npm-package"))
function LazyLoadedComponent() {
if (!hasMounted) return null
return (
<Suspense fallback={<p>Loading...</p>}>
kellenmace / pwaInstallPrompt.js
Created Nov 30, 2020
Use React.lazy() to lazily load NPM packages on the client
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import React, { Suspense } from "react"
import hasMounted from "../hooks/useHasMounted"
const PWAPrompt = React.lazy(() => import("react-ios-pwa-prompt"))
function PWAInstallPrompt() {
if (!hasMounted) return null
const isMobileChrome = navigator.userAgent.includes("CriOS")
kellenmace / useSounds.js
Created Nov 11, 2020
Example of using useSound() hook in a React context provider
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import React, { createContext, useContext } from "react"
import useSound from "use-sound"
import popDownSound from "../sounds/pop-down.mp3"
import marioCoinSound from "../sounds/mario-coin.mp3"
import applauseSound from "../sounds/applause.mp3"
import fanfareSound from "../sounds/fanfare.mp3"
const SoundsContext = createContext()
kellenmace / greeting.js
Last active Nov 9, 2020
Example of using useHasMounted() hook
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function Greeting() {
const hasMounted = useHasMounted();
const username = hasMounted ? localStorage.getItem("username") : null;
return <p>Welcome back {username}!</p>;
kellenmace / useHasMounted.js
Last active Nov 9, 2020
React component that returns true once the component/hook using it has mounted
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import React, { useState, useEffect } from "react"
* @return {boolean} Whether the component has mounted.
function useHasMounted() {
const [hasMounted, setHasMounted] = useState(false)
useEffect(() => {
kellenmace / remove-cpt-slug-from-permalinks.php
Created May 25, 2020
Remove CPT Slug from Permalinks - WordPress Plugin
View remove-cpt-slug-from-permalinks.php
View check-if-user-exists-wordpress.php
* @param int $user_id User ID.
* @return bool Whether the user exists.
function does_user_exist( int $user_id ) : bool {
return (bool) get_users( [ 'include' => $user_id, 'fields' => 'ID' ] );
kellenmace / PasswordChangeEmailHandler.php
Last active Mar 26, 2020
Disable "Password Changed" Email on WPGraphQL User Registration
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class PasswordChangeEmailHandler {
* User ID of the registered user.
* @var int
private $registered_user_id = 0;