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* Set Organization posts to 'private' for unauthenticated users.
* @param boolean $is_private Whether the model is private
* @param string $model_name Name of the model the filter is currently being executed in
* @param mixed $data The un-modeled incoming data
* @param string|null $visibility The visibility that has currently been set for the data at this point
* @param null|int $owner The user ID for the owner of this piece of data
* @param WP_User $current_user The current user for the session
* @return bool Whether post should be considered private.
function set_organisation_posts_to_private(bool $is_private, string $model_name, $data, $visibility, $owner, WP_User $current_user)
$is_organization_post_type = 'organisation' === get_post_type($data);
$is_user_authenticated = $current_user->ID !== 0;
if ($is_organization_post_type && !$is_user_authenticated) {
$is_private = true;
return $is_private;
add_filter('graphql_data_is_private', 'set_organisation_posts_to_private', 10, 6);
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