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If you have an indexed array of objects, and you want to remove duplicates by comparing a specific property in each object, a function like the remove_duplicate_models() one below can be used.
class Car {
private $model;
public function __construct( $model ) {
$this->model = $model;
public function get_model() {
return $this->model;
$cars = [
new Car('Mustang'),
new Car('F-150'),
new Car('Mustang'),
new Car('Taurus'),
function remove_duplicate_models( $cars ) {
$models = array_map( function( $car ) {
return $car->get_model();
}, $cars );
$unique_models = array_unique( $models );
return array_values( array_intersect_key( $cars, $unique_models ) );
print_r( remove_duplicate_models( $cars ) );
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