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Get the Slugs for All Fields in an Advanced Custom Fields Flexible Content Field
* Get the slugs for all fields in an ACF Flexible Content field.
* @param string $flexible_content_slug The slug of the Flexible Content field.
* @param int $post_id (optional) The ID of the post. Default is current post ID.
* @return array The field slugs. Emtpy array on error or if there are no fields.
function km_get_all_field_slugs_in_acf_flexible_content_field( $flexible_content_slug, $post_id = null ) {
$post_id = $post_id ?: get_the_ID();
$flexible_content_field = get_field( $flexible_content_slug, $post_id );
if ( ! is_array( $flexible_content_field ) ) {
return array();
return wp_list_pluck( $flexible_content_field, 'acf_fc_layout' );
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