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# Author: Kelvin Jones
# Github:
# Inspired by
# This is a .bash_profile file that you can write to your home directory to give
# you a custom shell prompt with various bits of info about your environment.
# Available options:

The passwords will be stored in .git/config, so what we need to do is:

  1. find all files in the current directory that match '*/.git/config',
  2. swap out the old password for the new…
  3. making a backup of the original,
  4. and the display the names of the files that have been changed for double-checking

Programming & I

It was 1999 & I was living in Paris & working as helpdesk support for Anheuser-Busch… proper hardware IT-like helpdesk. I was an imposter… didn't know what I was doing, but I was loving it.

My free local dial-up company,, had some obscure news item next to their webmail login that said their free hosting now included support for PHP3 & MySQL.

I didn't know what the hell these things were, but I was intrigued. I skipped over to the Eyrolles book store in Saint Michel & bought a couple of books.

Well, the one on PHP was the first edition of Core PHP Programming by Leon Atkinson. I read it from cover to cover like a novel.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo ">>> Starting Install Script"
# Update
sudo apt-get update
# Install MySQL without prompt
sudo debconf-set-selections <<< 'mysql-server mysql-server/root_password password root'
sudo debconf-set-selections <<< 'mysql-server mysql-server/root_password_again password root'
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// app/start/global.php
| Application Error Logger
| Here we will configure the error logger setup for the application which

Challenge: you need a flexible (swap in other repository implementations) way to display some kind of resource. Let's say, Posts. What does your folder structure look like?


  • Repository implements an interface
  • Must show at least one implementation of the interface (Eloquent version is fine)
  • The interface is injected into your PostsController.
  • Show where you register your IoC bindings
  • Show folder structure. Where are interfaces/repositories stored?

Awesome PHP Libraries

A list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries that you should consider using (and some other shiny extras).