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Awesome PHP — A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.

Your awesome list is awesome!


Link for Composition is dead, or the library is dead I don't know.


You can add atoum, the simple, modern and intuitive unit testing framework for PHP ≥ 5.3.


Yay, many Sensio Labs tools :) atoum is a serious concurrent of PHPUnit ;)


what about another tool for acceptance/functional tests - i see behat+mink are noticed here)


You could also add phpswitch to the list of PHP versions managers : /

Also, +1 for atoum which is a serious concurrent for PHPUnit!


Maybe you can add PHP: Innocent villagefolk or a Pillagin’ Pirate? in the Reading section?
It's an article explaining how PHP steals great things from other languages, making it awesome :) .


@maxailloud I've fixed the dead link, looks like it moved. Thanks for letting me know.

I've added a bunch more libraries to the list, as well as Pádraic's article.

I'm planning to split everything out into categories at some point, as things are bit chaotic right now. I also want to add a new People section, that lists noteworthy members of the community too.


You should add CakePHP - Full Stack Framework


Where is Yii Framework??? You should add it!


Is there nothing pretty, standalone to deal with yaml?

Thanks for the list big time!


@foertel Check out the Symfony Components, they have one specifically for parsing YAML. Alternatively there is a PECL library you can install too.


You should add Bullet - It's a functional-style micro framework that conforms to the HTTP spec.


Mimetypes handles file extension → mimetype conversion, sourcing data from the Apache Web Server project.


@pvorb Thanks. I've updated the link.


You can add Phinx - database migrations,

@KOLANICH - Pure PHP backup framework.
Used to make incrmental backups of the site and send it to cloud storages.
Now allows to upload using WebDAV ( ,, skydrive support it and google drive and DropBox via some services such as, and , SugarSync and DropBox native uploaders via emulating user activity are obsolete, we are working on OAuth access to them )
PS. It doesn't support Composer (read and you will understand why) because I dislike Composer architecture. If you want to make it work using Composer you will need to modify some includes in the top of the files

@KOLANICH - My fork of some good debug output library
Supports Composer, because has no dependences (only default PHP package required).


how is it that there's no kohana on this list?


Please add ProTalk under 'Resources'



The new categorization is great, thank you.


Some usefull utilities :


@MattKetmo Thanks for the suggestions. I've added them to the list.


Just awesome....! thx so much for list it....!


please add


You could also include unicorn. It's a set of HTTP libraries, it includes a php version as well:


mPDF - A PHP class to generate PDF files from HTML with Unicode/UTF-8 and CJK support.


Carbon's up there, but you forgot Datum, which I believe was on this list before...

Datum -

Also, the templates section seems to be missing the granddaddy of PHP templating systems, Smarty, and also PHPTAL. And what about Log4PHP under logging?


I missed mention to Yii Framework -


Argh, you haven't added my favourite framework, "X Framework", please add it to the list now you hater!!!!1!!!


Would it be possible to add a payment lib payum lib?

P.S. I just want you be informed it exists.


Nice! You may love Negotiation - - too, a standalone lib that allows you to implement content negotiation into your app.


About "Notifications" part, I humbly suggest my NotificationPusher library, for easy devices notifications push (Apple, Android).


Where is Yii Framework??? You should add it!

+1 this list lacks an important framework


Nice !!


I missed mention to Yii Framework

We are talking about "Awesome PHP Libraries and Resources" 😄


you miss the best one #YOLO framework

/cc @igorw how dare they


Suggestion to add ToroPHP, a micro-framework.


This list is incomplete without Yii


Hey @ziadoz, very nice list and thank you for adding my projects to it!

I just wanted to give you a heads up on some of my projects listed.

  • Version has been deprecated in favor of my newer semantic version handling library. It is also called Version, but hosted under my herrera-io organization. The library has a more broken out API, and supports v2.0.0-rc.2 of the Semantic Versioning specification as opposed to v2.0.0-rc.1.
  • RunkitTestCase does not exist anymore. The project was abandoned due to how outdated the official runkit extension is, and after realizing that there are better ways to perform testing. (I am aware of zenovich's work on an unofficial extension.) Using my experience with PHPUnit, I have created a suped up version of the standard PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase class: TestCase. It manages the creation and clean up of temporary directories and files, as well as providing a simple way to access protected and private class members.
  • Bcrypt has been dropped in favor of ircmaxell's PHP Password Lib project. There were some flaws in the design of my library which ircmaxell's library had already taken care of.

I have another project that may be interesting to others, which could be added to your list if worthy:

Wise is a project built on the Symfony Config library. Its purpose is to try and bring the configuration system found in Symfony (imports, placeholder values, normalization, validation, etc) and make them available for general use outside of Symfony.


Wow! When i see this, then all concerns a la "PHP is the wrong language!" are busted away! This gist should be transformed to a larger interactive website in a very prominent spot in the PHP Community.


@panique Thanks. I plan on making a website at some point, I just need to find some time in my schedule. :)


@ziadoz - Just noticed you added my library (Munee) to your list a couple months ago. Thanks for doing that :). Also, great work putting this all together! Definitely a great resource for the PHP Community.


Suggestion to add Go! Aspect-Oriented Framework for PHP


Excellent list!

Someone else has already mentioned it - but should definitely include log4php:


Hello :-)

Some suggestions (only stable libraries):

  • File: Hoa\Mime, to manipulate a MIME types database and get some related informations about streams;
  • Testing: Hoa\Praspel, a specification language for contract-based testing (a research project) and Hoathis\Atoum, an automatic unit test generator from Praspel to atoum;
  • Code Analysis: Hoa\Compiler, a LL(k) (and LL(1)) compiler compiler, grammar are written in the PP language;
  • Command Line: Hoa\Console, tools related to console, like manipulating cursor, window, readline with autocompletion (see it in action), processus, getoption etc.;
  • Text and Numbers: Hoa\String, manipulate UTF-8 string in a natural way;
  • Miscellaneous: Hoa\Websocket, a WebSocket server, and Hoa\Eventsource, an EventSource server.

Awesome, thanks for sharing all these great stuff!


Great list @ziadoz, would you consider adding DMS components also, or at least DMS\Filter (


Wow, the only thing I got on there was Parody under Testing... by far the least useful of my PHP projects.


You should add the excellent FPDF library under the "PDF" section.


Add "Portable UTF8" for unicode handling in PHP.


You should add Solarium to the "Search" libraries:


When I saw this list I felt like a child in candyshop... Great job!


Very nice to have a comprehensive list of useful librairies. Nice job. Would you consider adding to it ?


ty great list!


Awesome list! Thanks for sharing :o)


Great list. I'd recommend adding RIPS Code Scanner, which looks for security issues in PHP code.


great list. Ive starred a number of potentially solid ones. Thanks for sharing!


great list ! thanks for sharing .


Thank you for sharing!


Awesome list, thanks for sharing! You should add VerbalExpressionsPhp. A library to easily build regular expressions.


This list is really helpful. Also, can you please add Dispatch to the Micro Frameworks section? Regards.


There is also Hermes a very light router for PHP


Can you please add PsySH to the Command Line section?


@hanson Great suggestion. I've added it.


Awesome, awesome list!

Here is one more good thing to add, I think:


Would my units of measure conversion library be appropriate for this list?


Thanks for this list. Does anybody recommend a good HTML Forms library?


@triplepoint That looks great. I've added it.

@mistajolly Check out the Symfony form component.


Todo List:

  • Add Anthony Ferrara's "Beyond" series to Reading.

Thanks for a great list, bookmarked. I would add HTML to PDF converter


In the ecommerce section you can add thelia :-)


A couple of suggestions:


Geotools moved to the League.


PHP Standards Working Group - The PHP standards working group.

We've been called the PHP-FIG for a really long time :)


Great list thanks! I noticed that this is a duplicate:
Dissect - A set of tools for lexical and syntactical analysis.


@philsturgeon @adri Thanks. I've made those changes at the list's new home:


Amazing list, this project goes directly to Zeokat bookmarks.


Big thx very helpful list.


You are the best, thanks 😄


People, how about to provide links for PHP Learning? I have some to share..

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