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Awesome PHP — A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things.
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ziadoz commented Nov 27, 2013

@philsturgeon @adri Thanks. I've made those changes at the list's new home:

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Zeokat commented Mar 1, 2014

Amazing list, this project goes directly to Zeokat bookmarks.

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hexhov commented Jul 25, 2014

Big thx very helpful list.

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imagic5004 commented Jun 25, 2015

You are the best, thanks 😄

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vovech commented Mar 22, 2016

People, how about to provide links for PHP Learning? I have some to share..

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pietropr commented Sep 11, 2018

thx, very helpful

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renatocassino commented Sep 30, 2019

You can add the Dephpugger project

Is a debugger in terminal like Byebug in Ruby (or IPDB in Python)

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