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Classic seafood paella

Paella - 2:1 bone broth to rice (short grain Spanish) ratio

  • Sauté 1/2 lg yellow onion chopped in 2 TB olive oil w/ 6 lg cloves minced garlic, 1 cored & seeded jalapeño. Remove when translucent, ~5 mins
  • Add 2 c rice (maybe to a clean pan with no oil) to toast, approx 3 mins
  • Add 3-4 small chopped vine tomatoes (about 2/3 cup), onions, bone broth, 2 lg pinches crushed Spanish saffron, 1 tsp sweet paprika, 1/2 tsp dried rosemary
  • Simmer 18 mins on low heat, covered
  • Add seafood (lobster, bay scallops, tail-on large shrimp; stir well)
  • Continue simmer uncovered for 5 mins. Rice should have mostly absorbed liquid, still slightly soupy
  • Move pan to 375° oven for 15-20 mins until baked well on top
  • Squeeze lemon, garnish with lemon wedges, black pepper, salt to taste (original called for 3 tsp — way too much)
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