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"use strict";
var fragmentText = function(ctx, lines, index, maxWidth) {
var line = lines[index];
var nextLine;
var tooLong = true;
while (tooLong) {
var width = ctx.measureText(line.join(" ")).width;
WebReflection / Delayed.js
Last active Mar 4, 2020
whenever you need to execute something after an interaction that might happen many times (panning, scrolling, etc) … this simple mechanism makes simple to execute that maybe expensive operations only once when things are "quiet" and never before or in the middle, if an action start as "start panning" would be is fired and it's calling the clear(…
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/*jslint browser: true, indent: 2 */
var Delayed = (function (delay) {
/*! Andrea Giammarchi - Mit Style License */
'use strict';
// method shared across all delayed wrappers
function clear() {