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How to Quickly Turn Off the Flashlight on your Locked iPhone

IOS6 introduced the super-handy native flashlight. During the winter months I use this every night after work, when I go out back and see if the hens have laid any eggs.

With the migration of the iPhone's power button down from the top of the device and into a place where I accidentally hit it pretty much every fucking time I pick the fucking thing up, turning the flashlight off has become a serious pain in the ass. "Whoops, you powered the phone off. Press the Home button, slide to unlock, enter your password, swipe up from the bottom, and tap the flashlight-shaped thing." This is hard to do one-handed or while carrying an egg or two, so I wind up sticking the phone in my pocket with the light on.

Today I learned that since my camera is available from my iPhone lock screen, all I need to do is hit the power button again and swipe up from the camera icon in the bottom right corner. As soon as the camera app starts, the flashlight turns of

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Tip: OSX: Chrome: disable annoying backswipe navigation

In Terminal, go like this:

defaults write AppleEnableSwipeNavigateWithScrolls -bool false

From Sindre Sorhus, via Twitter


Multi-line strings in JavaScript

Playing around with concepts shown by Sindre Sorhus in, which had some optimizations that confused me about the idea's basis.

Paste me into your JavaScript console:

var getMultiLineString = function(func) { 
  var ret, str, temp;
  ret = '';

Forty Examples of Christian Privilege

As rescued from the Internet Archive's copy of

  1. It is likely that state and federal holidays coincide with my religious practices, thereby having little to no impact on my job and/or education.
  2. I can talk openly about my religious practices without concern for how it will be received by others.
  3. I can be sure to hear music on the radio and watch specials on television that celebrate the holidays of my religion.
  4. When told about the history of civilization, I am can be sure that I am shown people of my religion made it what it is.
  5. I can worry about religious privilege without being perceived as "self-interested" or "self-seeking."
  6. I can have a "Jesus is Lord" bumper sticker or Icthus (Christian Fish) on my car and not worry about someone vandalizing my car because of it.

Camera Backup in BitTorrent Sync

  • Enable Camera Backup on your device.
  • E-mail the secret to yourself.
  • Get something like this


    You’ve been sent a secret to backup photos from Bob’s iPhone: DEADF00B2MNL3KYCDEIZVGALTK4VJ7I


Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am kentbrew on github.
  • I am kentbrew ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 8A16 CC9B E6CF 0EDF E094 0437 E106 FDD1 3C58 D8E5

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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// fetch me my camel, Jeeves
var toCamelCase function (str) {
return str.toLowerCase().replace(/-(.)/g, function(match, group1) {
return group1.toUpperCase();
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