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Camera Backup in BitTorrent Sync

Camera Backup in BitTorrent Sync

  • Enable Camera Backup on your device.

  • E-mail the secret to yourself.

  • Get something like this


    You’ve been sent a secret to backup photos from Bob’s iPhone: DEADF00B2MNL3KYCDEIZVGALTK4VJ7I

    Enter the secret into your BitTorrent Sync desktop application to automatically backup photos and videos from your phone to your computer. To install BitTorrent Sync on your computer, click here and follow the instructions.

    BitTorrent Sync Team

My brain is tiny so I had no idea what "enter the secret" meant. Here's how I got it working:

  • Open up the BitTorrent Sync window.
  • Go to the My Sync tab.
  • Add Folder.
  • Paste the shared secret (DEADF00B2MNL3KYCDEIZVGALTK4VJ7I in this example) into Shared Secret.
  • Choose or create a new folder in Folder to Sync. (Important: this can't be a folder inside any existing folder that's already synced!)
  • Press OK and your stuff ought to start syncing.

You might want to delete any movies you don't care about; they take forever.

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