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How to recreate your long-lost Pinterest bookmarklet.

How to recreate your long-lost Pinterest bookmarklet.

Right-click your bookmarks bar and choose Add Page (Chrome) or New Bookmarklet (Firefox).

In Name, put this:

Pin It

In URL, put this:


For My Little Friend Safari:

  • open about:blank in a new window (this will help you not have to mess around with favicons later)
  • hit command-D
  • choose Favorites under Add this page to:
  • enter Pin It in the Name box
  • right-click the Pin It bookmarklet you just made and choose Edit Address
  • paste in the JavaScript from above

If You're Running Chrome or Firefox, Pinmarklet will Bother You to Install the Pinterest Browser Extension

  • From time to time you'll see a big banner in the image grid, begging you to please install the extension.
  • If you don't want to install the extension, click the "no, thanks" button to set a two-week cookie.

Why you Might Want the Extension After All

  • Pinning with the extension is much better, especially if you pin a lot. You'll have free hovering Save buttons (which you can turn off in Settings) and you can right-click and pin an image without the intervening wait-for-the-grid / pick-an-image cycle.
  • Pinning happens right there inline instead of in a pop-up window.
  • You also get Visual Search for free. Right-click the body of the page to search a full screenshot, or choose the hovering selector button to search an individual image.
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willie commented Oct 13, 2023

Thank goodness it still works on Safari.

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I don't understand why there's no pinterest safari extension.

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I can't comment on why there is currently no Safari extension, but I can talk about why there wasn't one at the time I left Pinterest.

As was true for Chrome and Firefox there was a version 1 extension for Safari, which did nothing but inject pinmarklet.js. That extension quit working along with many others when Apple shipped Safari 12, which instituted a whole new "App Extension" framework. App Extensions were incompatible with the WebExtensions API, which allowed Pinterest to use a single codebase to ship version 2 (and all subsequent versions) to Firefox, Chrome, and (later) Microsoft Edge.

Later on at WWDC20 Apple announced Safari Web Extensions, which came with a utility that was supposed to convert extensions built on WebExtensions. Unfortunately this utility did not work for the Pinterest extension, and management decreed that the team--which consisted of me--was to work on shipping features and not a Safari extension.

I'm not 100% sure what's happening with the Pinterest extension; as of 2024-02-04 there's a new version for Chrome that seems to have had all features except saving to Pinterest stripped away. It's possible that this smaller version might survive conversion to Safari but I can't say for sure, since it's an obfuscated bundle of React droppings. :(

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SeeJaneB commented Mar 8, 2024

Ahh, thank you so much for this simple solution. I'm still a user of the Pin It button, but I needed to add it in a different chrome profile. The last time I used the extension, I couldn't stand the Save buttons plastered all over the images on every website or having to turn them on and off when I wanted to pin something, if I remember correctly. It's been a while since I tried it, but I went back to the Pin It button and it satisfies my needs better than the extension.

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Works great in Safari v17. Can only select one photo to pin each time you run the script, but it's a great workaround until Pinterest gets over their Apple antipathy and releases a native extension. (or until Apple decides to become more developer-friendly 🙄 hah!)

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