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Kevin G. kevgk

  • Hamburg, Germany
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kevgk / updateNpm.bat
Created June 28, 2021 17:51 — forked from nokidding/updateNpm.bat
Windows batch file which updates npm for nvm-windows
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rem see
@echo off
SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
if [%1] == [] (
echo Pass in the version you would like to install, or "latest" to install the latest npm version.
) else (
set wanted_version=%1
kevgk /
Created February 15, 2020 17:55 — forked from talon/
Install Docker On Windows 10 Home

Install Docker On Windows 10 Home

"Windows Home Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version 15063 to run." So says the Docker Installer however, the Docker forums beg to differ

The workaround is to manually image the Hyper-V and Containers features, then trick the installer into thinking you're using Windows Pro.


  1. clone this gist somewhere locally git clone windows_home_docker
  2. Run windows_home_containers.ps1 in an Administrative Powershell
kevgk / MX Master Volume Control
Created July 27, 2019 13:08
Control Volume with MX Master Horizontal ScrollWheel
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# Control Volume with MX Master Horizontal ScrollWheel
"amixer -D pulse set Master 5%+"
"amixer -D pulse set Master 5%-"
kevgk / pug-sass-filter.js
Last active October 6, 2018 23:49
Compile sass in pug filter (:sass)
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filters: {
'sass': data => sass.renderSync({ data }).css.toString()
kevgk / webp-background-mixin.sass
Last active September 28, 2017 13:32
Sass Webp background-image Mixin (w/ modernizr)
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// Mixin:
@mixin webp-background($webp, $fallback)
.no-webp &, .no-js &
background-image: url($fallback)
.webp &
background-image: url($webp)
// Usage: