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Pimpin' + on a T => Either[ERR,T] for easy chaining
class Filters[T] {
//Some boilerplate-busting aliases
type FilterResult = Either[Rejection, T]
type FilterFunc = (T) => FilterResult
//Handy helpers
//Rejection can carry as much info as you wish;
// Filter name, value in error, an exception, etc.
case class Rejection(input: T, msg: String)
def pass(x: T): FilterResult = Right(x)
def reject(x: T, msg: String): FilterResult = Left(Rejection(x, msg))
//The awesome pimp!
class Chainable(fn: FilterFunc) {
def +(other: FilterFunc): FilterFunc = (input: T) => fn(input).right flatMap other
implicit def filterFuncIsChainable(fn: FilterFunc) = new Chainable(fn)
object StringFilters extends Filters[String] {
val rejectNonAlphaNumeric: FilterFunc = (input: String) =>
if (input.matches(".*[0-9a-zA-z].*")) pass(input)
else reject(input, "didn't containin any alphanumeric characters")
val rejectSingleChar: FilterFunc = (input: String) =>
if (input.length >= 2) pass(input)
else reject(input, "was a mere single character")
val convertToUppercase: FilterFunc = (input: String) => pass(input.toUpperCase)
def rejectOverLength(maxLength: Int): FilterFunc = (input: String) =>
if (input.length < maxLength) pass(input)
else reject(input, "was over " + maxLength + " characters long")
import StringFilters._
//And now... All the juicy magic goodness makes it trivial to use :)
val processor = rejectNonAlphaNumeric + rejectSingleChar + rejectOverLength(20) + convertToUppercase
processor("hello world")
// Left(Rejection(x,was a mere single character))
// Right(22)
// Left(Rejection(_,was a mere single character))
// Right(__)
// Left(Rejection('',didn't containin any alphanumeric characters))
// Left(Rejection(abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz,was over 20 characters long))
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