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Arch first-boot configuration. Setup the first user, sudo, vm tools, and enough of a dev env to support AUR+yaourt

OpenSSH daemon

pacman -S openssh
systemctl start sshd
systemctl enable sshd.socket


pacman -S sudo

Use sed to uncomment the wheel group from sudoers, then hijack the EDITOR variable to copy the modified version back via visudo.

sed 's/# %wheel ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL/%wheel ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL/g' /etc/sudoers > /etc/
export EDITOR="cp /etc/"
rm /etc/

Create a non-root user

useradd -m -g users -G wheel -s /bin/bash kevin
passwd kevin

(If running under VMWare) Install VM tools

pacman -S open-vm-tools
pacman -S open-vm-tools-dkms

Check pacman output for the dkms version that needs to be installed, then

dkms add open-vm-tools/9.4.0

Start + Enable the daemon

cat /proc/version > /etc/arch-release
systemctl start vmtoolsd
systemctl enable vmtoolsd

(optional) Sync time to the host, alternatively set up NTP

vmware-toolbox-cmd timesync enable


pacman -S ntp
systemctl start ntpd
systemctl enable ntpd

Install webmin

pacman -S webmin
systemctl start webmin
systemctl enable webmin

Install dev tools for AUR

pacman -S --needed base-devel
pacman -S wget

Install Yaourt

Assuming the user kevin has created, is in the "wheel" group, and sudoers has been set up as above. Package builds should NOT be done as root.

su kevin
cd ~
mkdir builds && cd builds

tar -xvzf package-query.tar.gz
cd package-query
makepkg -s
sudo pacman -U package-query-*.xz

cd ~/builds
tar -xvzf yaourt.tar.gz
cd yaourt
makepkg -s
sudo pacman -U yaourt-*.xz

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