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# So this is completely gone now
# Moved to my own brew recipes collection at
# Run this:
# brew tap kevmoo/kevmoo
# and you'll be good to go!

kevmoo commented Jun 15, 2012

From the discussion in the group:

After chatting w/ folks on the homebrew core team, we've decided to not put the Dart Editor in the main deploy. Mostly because it's just a giant app install, which doesn't align well with their core goals.

BUT Homebrew is still an amazing tool for keeping Dart up-to-date.

To install latest 'integration' build:

brew install

To install almost latest continuous build (as I can keep up with it):

brew install --devel

Feel free comment/fork the gist if you have other ideas.

Happy brewing.

Great formula, maybe you want to make it a homebrew tap, so it is easier to follow.

Just create a repository with the formula in it (for example homebrew-dart) and then put the formula in it.

Now every user can tap it with brew tap kevmoo/dart and just install with brew install dart-editor

Here are some example taps

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