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gitting a lot

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gitting a lot
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  1. EMR/HMIS system will take the Aadhaar number, OTP and consent of the patient to create ABHA.



khavinshankar / ABDM M2
Created April 26, 2023 14:36
ABDM M2 Testing


  1. User logs in PHR app
  2. User seraches for health provider ( provider can be hospitals, labs, clinics, nursing home, doctor, govt health program, telemedicine provider) It is important that the HIP should be easily identifiable by the user to search for their health records. User can add a specific identifier provided by the health provider to improve discovery. (for example - Hospital Patient id)
  3. User consents to sharing their demographic details with HIP
  4. HIP get Demographic information including verified and unverified identifier.
  5. HIP searches their records for any of the verified identifers; Most commonly search should be first done on ABHA address; if no match then search with Mobile number. On mobile number match HIP to do a fuzzy logic match on matched records.
  6. HIP does a fuzzy demographic match ( similarity on name ; +/-2 on age ; gender - exact match)
  7. HIP returns list of care context for the matched user.