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SOCVR RO Nomination

My name is Stephen Kennedy. By trade I am a full-stack developer, specialising in back-end work using C# and .NET.

I have been a member of Stack Overflow for nearly 9 years. Discovering SOCVR has been a highlight of my time on the network, and has changed my perception of it. That Stack Overflow hosts clever and diligent people is of course no surprise; it has however been a revelation that moderating the site can also be sociable and that not everyone on the network hates fun.

I tend to have SOCVR open in a tab whenever I am at a computer, and sometimes I'm around when no ROs are present. I already participate in many of the discussions in the room, advise (so far as my knowledge permits) on meta and room policy issues when requested (and sometimes when not), welcome new users, and so on. Whilst I am perfectly happy being just a 'regular', I am also more than happy to help out further as time permits and I am, therefore, nominating myself to be an RO.

In terms of relevant experience, I have the admin bit on Wikipedia, which is roughly equivalent to moderator status on Stack; and I am an RO of Trogdor alongside the other currently active SOCVR ROs. I think I'm well enough known in the room now that how I would approach being an RO should already be clear; but if not, I can try to summarise it as a friendly, light touch, but at the same time I have no problem asserting my authority if need be. Additionally, I am old and wise enough to know that I'm not very wise at all, and will certainly make good use of the RO back channels and continue to seek guidance from the team; to that end, it is fortunate that (so far as I know!) I get on very well with them.

Thank you.


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Tyler-H commented Apr 21, 2019

Small nitpick, but, FWIW, Trogdor has 7 ROs that are not SOCVR ROs, and there's not really been any use of the room that would involve room owner powers/responsibilities. Pretty much everyone who participated in the first day or two of the room was made a room owner.

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