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Last active Sep 26, 2019
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MUSE. Multi-User Story Engine. An online collaborative roleplaying system.

So I've been futzing with my own type of MU* Server.

This is my design doodle for it. Its called MUSE. Multi-User Story Engine.

when you log in you see people that are online that you have unfinished chapters with.

You have several options.

Start character - MUSE uses a level 0/level 1 account split. Characters are level 1 accounts.
Edit character

Start reference article - this is the closest thing to @create and @dig
Edit reference article

Start chapter
Continue chapter
View chapters - shows any log that's been labeled public, and private logs you've been authorized to see.

In addition to this, there's a channel system inspired by the ones popular in mushes. Mail and pm, maybe. Those can easily be replicated using channels.

New chapters might spawn an associated ooc channel?

It's very intentional that there is no grid. That's the duty of the reference articles. I think it'll be possible to label an article as place, person, thing, or event.

There's also a plugin system that's supposed to provide additional commands, but I'm still working that one out.

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