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Last active Feb 16, 2018
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New Playlist Features

New Playlist Features

In addition to some visual differences (new icons, etc.), some new features have been added to the playlist folder tree:

1) Right-click to access dropdown menu + shortcuts

  • Dropdown menu is accessed by right-clicking instead of clicking gear icon
  • Shortcut icons now appear in place of gear icon. These shortcuts include:
    • Playlist Header: new folder, new playlist
    • Playlists: wrap, report, and share
    • Folders (owned): create playlist, sharing options
    • Folders (not owned): sharing details


2) Double click folder/playlist name to edit

  • Double clicking a playlist or folder name will allow you to edit the name in place, and press enter to save.


3) Friendlier dropdown behavior

  • Opening a dropdown close to the bottom of the screen will open upwards (so you don't have to scroll down)


4) Playlist Drag and Drop

  • Playlists are now able to be dragged into another folder by dragging into the folder itself, or next to a playlist.
  • Folder buttons located int he playlist dropdown and playlist page have now been removed. Drag and drop should be used.


5) Lightning fast fitering

  • Even with thousands of folders and playlists, filtering is virtually instant.


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