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kiyoto / lato.less
Created August 19, 2017 22:32 — forked from Drunkar/lato.less
slack for windowsで日本語フォントをnoto sans cjk jpに変更する。path: C:\Users\<ユーザ名>\AppData\Local\slack\app-<バージョン>\resources\app.asar.unpacked\src\static\lato.less
This is a smaller variant of the new Lato2, serving compressed woff2 files.
Currently: TS-Only
Clients needs to have Lato2 pref turned ON.
The payload is 50% smaller. However, woff2 is not yet well supported,
so we're still providing the woff as fallback.
// Intimate Merger
!function(a,b,c,d){if(!b[a]){b[a]=function(){b[a].instances.push(this),this.init&&this.init()},b[a].instances=[];for(var e=0,f=["td_send","td_send_imid"];e<f.length;e++)b[a].prototype[f[e]]=function(a){return function(){this["tmp_"+a]=this["tmp_"+a]||[],this["tmp_"+a].push(}}(f[e]);var g=c.getElementsByTagName(d)[0],h=c.createElement(d);h.async=!0,h.src="//",g.parentNode.insertBefore(h,g)}}("TDIM",window,document,"script");
!function(t,e){if(void 0===e[t]){e[t]=function(){e[t].clients.push(this),this._init=[]},e[t].clients=[];for(var r=function(t){return function(){return this["_"+t]=this["_"+t]||[],this["_"+t].push(,this}},n=["addRecord","set","trackEvent","trackPageview","ready"],s=0;s<n.length;s++){var i=n[s];e[t].prototype[i]=r(i)}var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript",a.async=!0,a.src=("https:"===document.locatio
<h2>in the Open Cloud</h2>
<p>writing portable open source mapping applications</p>
kiyoto / Dockerfile
Created February 19, 2014 15:51 — forked from repeatedly/Dockerfile
FROM base
MAINTAINER repeatedly ""
RUN apt-get install -y --force-yes curl
RUN curl -L | sh
RUN sed -i 's/ulimit/# ulimit/g' /etc/init.d/td-agent
RUN echo "ulimit -n 8192" >> /etc/default/td-agent
kiyoto /
Last active August 29, 2015 13:56 — forked from agutow/
type tail
format apache2
path /var/log/apache2/access_log
pos_file /var/log/fluentd/apache2.access_log.pos
tag riak.apache
<match riak.**>
type riak
kiyoto / basic_information.sql
Created July 10, 2012 19:33 — forked from doryokujin/basic_information.sql
Book-Crossing Dataset
-- 1.1.1 all users v. active users --
td query -w -d book_crossing_dataset "
SELECT t1.cnt AS all_users, t2.cnt AS active_users, ROUND(t2.cnt/t1.cnt*100) AS active_rate
SELECT COUNT(distinct user_id) as cnt, 1 AS one
FROM users
) t1