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Choice Azure Subscription PowerShell Script
function Choice-AzureSubscription
$appdata = [environment]::GetFolderPath("Applicationdata")
$jsonFile = Join-Path $appdata -childpath "Windows Azure Powershell" | join-path -ChildPath "AzureProfile.json"
$json = get-content $jsonFile -encoding UTF8 -raw | ConvertFrom-Json
if($json.Subscriptions.Count -gt 1) {
for($index = 0;$index -lt $json.Subscriptions.Count;$index++){
write-host $index ":" $json.Subscriptions[$index].Name
$subscriptionIndex = Read-Host "Select Azure Subscription "
if($subscriptionIndex -le $json.Subscriptions.Count -and $subscriptionIndex -ge 0) {
Select-AzureSubscription $json.Subscriptions[$subscriptionIndex].Name
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