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kkdai / github-isssue-rag-langchain.ipynb
Last active February 21, 2024 03:36
Github Issues LangChain RAG Q&A 的 Colab
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mondaychen / 对 React 团队工作经历的思考.md
Last active April 30, 2024 05:12
对 React 团队工作经历的思考

对 React 团队工作经历的思考

今天在写2023的年终总结,再额外聊两句在 React Core team 的经历和反思吧,也算是正式画上句号了。

我在2022 年加入了 React,算是某种程度上实现了自己的梦想:加入这个在前端领域最有影响力的团队,真的很令人骄傲。可惜加入没多久,公司就开始 hire freeze,我在的 Dev Tooling 组原先说好5个 headcount 变成了两个,工作量却一点也没少。开会讨论我们组要做什么的时候,来了二三十个人,提了五六十个想法,个个都说要做行业标杆。而现实是作为 DevTools 最主要载体的 Chrome 扩展 API 和几个 moible 工具都在不断更新,光跟进维护和解决 bug 都够忙的了。我觍着脸开口问谁能贡献一部分时间来帮我们做一个项目,人人都面露难色。 大家也能感受到,工程师们都很希望自己使用的工具能变好,但是这个东西在 Meta 这家公司里是真的排不上优先级。其实不只 React DevTools,整个 React 组都是如此。只有跟公司重视的 VR 有关系的项目才能得到资源。团队里一些想重点发展 web 方向的核心成员,即使是 Seb 和 Andrew 这种级别,也只能另谋出路,跳槽去了 Vercel。

为什么 React 在 Meta 得不到资源

我和不少同样做前端的朋友都有这样的困惑:React 在 Meta 到处都用,在业界也为 Meta 带来了巨大的名望,这么重要的项目,为什么不能多投入一点资源呢?

andriisoldatenko /
Last active September 24, 2023 20:24
Interesting twitter accounts to follow about go (goalng)

Interesting twitter accounts to follow about Go programming language

Made with ❤️and golang tools 🛠 by @a_soldatenko


Interesting bloggers in twitter

  • @rob_pike - Rob Pike author of Go programming language.
  • @francesc - Francesc Campoy is Gopher, Developer Advocate, Good Guy.
TheHackerDev / Blockchain security
Last active May 1, 2023 13:49
Open-source blockchain security research (contributions welcome!)

What is a blockchain?

  • Distributed ledger system; for tracking the transfer of tokens (currency, data of any type).
  • A cross between economics, cryptography, and the internet.
    • Side note- if you ever wanted a financial incentive to get involved in cryptography, this is it.
  • A blockchain is literally a chain of blocks, where each block contains a list of transactions that everyone agrees have occurred.
    • Each block builds upon all the ones before it.

A blockchain is literally a chain of blocks

anonymous /
Created June 23, 2016 13:37
VMware Technology Day 2016 Taiwan
  • CPU Performance
    • Ready time need to know
      • High CPU usage -> Best Virtualization utilization for enterprise, not really the CPU resource is exhausted
    • Higher Ready time -> Wait for Physical CPU Ready for a long time -> may be the CPU exhausted with High CPU usage
    • resxtop
      • V for show vm only
      • e for show the world of specified vm
    • Not to use SMP (1 CPU 1 vCPU)
  • Memory Performance
  • vm memory usage strategy: on demend -> will not return back memory

Oh my zsh.

Install with curl

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Enabling Plugins (zsh-autosuggestions & zsh-syntax-highlighting)

  • Download zsh-autosuggestions by
ln -s $(go list -f "{{.Dir}}" \
$(go list -f "{{.Root}}"
1. 編輯你的fullchain.pem vim /etc/letsencrypt/live/
2. 把這個intermediate certificate(加入fullchain的兩個certificate中間
3. restart你的webserver
aggrolite /
Last active January 6, 2022 13:44
Writing a reddit bot with Go and OAuth2
yinghau76 / test-1.S
Created September 12, 2015 06:06
Test arithmetic on Go custom integer type
~/tmp $ go build -gcflags=-S test-1.go | more
# command-line-arguments
"".main t=1 size=256 value=0 args=0x0 locals=0x70
0x0000 00000 (/Users/patrick/tmp/test-1.go:7) TEXT "".main(SB), $112-0
0x0000 00000 (/Users/patrick/tmp/test-1.go:7) MOVQ (TLS), CX
0x0009 00009 (/Users/patrick/tmp/test-1.go:7) CMPQ SP, 16(CX)
0x000d 00013 (/Users/patrick/tmp/test-1.go:7) JLS 231
0x0013 00019 (/Users/patrick/tmp/test-1.go:7) SUBQ $112, SP
0x0017 00023 (/Users/patrick/tmp/test-1.go:7) FUNCDATA $0, gclocals·7d2d5fca80364273fb07d5820a76fef4(SB)
0x0017 00023 (/Users/patrick/tmp/test-1.go:7) FUNCDATA $1, gclocals·5ef976c2593056b9243adf402ae9d952(SB)