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Torchlight Linux
If you want to play on HumbleBundle edition of Torchlight you need old libSDL2 library.
Someone forgotten about that.
With latests libSDL2 it won't work. You will have issues with mouse pointer.
Cursor will have black outline. You won't be able to click on anything etc.
So I prepared modified libSDL2 lib which will able you to play this game with no issues.
That's those libSDL libs. You need to copy it to lib64 dir where you've installed Torchlight, in my case it was /home/kkszysiu/.games/Torchlight/lib64/
Have fun!

Just wanted to say thanks for this. I can finally play Torchlight.

thanks for the tip! Thankfully comes up high on the Search ranking

I wish there was a way to upvote search results on Google. This was rather difficult to find, but this is indeed exactly what I needed. Thank you.

What version did you compile exactly ? I tried compiling SDL2 from hg using the tag release-2.0.0. It removes the black background from the cursor, but clicking still doesn't work.

After doing some research I managed to find how to rebuild it. Basically it's not the official 2.0.0 but several changesets in the past, where the mouse support ABI was different.
I made a gist with the commands, in case someone is interested in building that version of SDL2 themselves:


ghost commented Apr 8, 2015

<3 now it works. Thank you!

sean-m commented Aug 31, 2015

Thank you

It no longer works. I'm on Ubuntu 15.10 (optimus laptop running nvidia-prime) and when I place the SDL2 library files I get the following error:

Could not initialize SDL Video: No available video device

@kkszysiu I am having the same issue as @dhollinger, any chance it's fixable? :/

@mickeylyle - I found this fixed the issue:

sudo apt install xorg-dev

Seems that if these libs are giving you the "no available video device" doing sudo apt install xorg-dev fixes that. Would be good if we could figure out which dependency fixes it though, so we don't have to install all of them?

@dhollinger in case this helps you ^

@dhollinger lol hello

The installer (Nixstaller) checks for dependancies before extracting libs, and if libSDL2 is already installed in your system, it will skip extracting it

Here is a workaround to get the proper version of libSDL2 packaged in the installer.

./ --noexec --keep --target ~/torchlight-tmp
tar --strip-components 2 -xJOf ~/torchlight-tmp/subarch deps/SDL2/SDL2_files_linux_x86_64 | tar --strip-components 1 -xJf -

Then, move into the /lib64 directory of your torchlight installation.

You can now delete /torchlight-tmp directory in your home folder.

All credits to Nel for share with me this fix.

inukaze commented Jun 16, 2016

Someone have a Spanish Translation MOD , working 100% with GNU/Linux native clients for 32/64 Bits ???
Thank you.

Or if not , someone can tell me some tool for make translation manually and work with this version of Torchlight ???

effelle commented Dec 2, 2016

Some one know how to resolve the bug of headless characters? I'm on V1.15 (2012-09-26).

Thanks! Works on Gentoo with dwm.

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