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Chris Browet koying

  • Brussels, Belgium
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koying /
Created Jul 17, 2021
TS004F custom quirk
"""Tuya 4 Button Remote TS004F"""
from zigpy.profiles import zha
from zigpy.quirks import CustomDevice
from zigpy.zcl.clusters.general import Basic, OnOff, Identify, Ota, LevelControl, PowerConfiguration, Time, Groups, Scenes
from zigpy.zcl.clusters.lightlink import LightLink
from zhaquirks.const import (
koying / zha_rwl021_events.json
Created Jan 10, 2021
ZHA false multiple presses - RWL2021
View zha_rwl021_events.json
Event 24 fired 2:05 PM:
"event_type": "zha_event",
"data": {
"device_ieee": "00:17:88:01:10:5f:bf:41",
"unique_id": "00:17:88:01:10:5f:bf:41:2:0xfc00",
"device_id": "ebc2f75f64752d42f6517922ceff155b",
"endpoint_id": 2,
"cluster_id": 64512,
koying / mqttstream2discover.yaml
Last active Sep 14, 2021
Home assistant MQTT Statestream to MQTT Discovery blueprint (as of 2021.6)
View mqttstream2discover.yaml
name: MQTT Statestream to MQTT Discovery 2021.03
description: Creates an MQTT discovery entry for every entity streamed via MQTT Statestream.
domain: automation
name: HA stream
description: The HA statestream topic prefix used
mode: parallel
View capture_raw_frames.c
* V4L2 video capture example
* This program can be used and distributed without restrictions.
* This program is provided with the V4L2 API
* see for more information
#include <stdio.h>