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didibus / complex_business_process_example.clj
Last active October 12, 2023 11:16
Example of a complex business process to implement in Clojure. Please link to your solutions for alternative ways to implement the same in Clojure (or other languages).
(ns complex-business-process-example
"A stupid example of a more complex business process to implement as a flowchart.")
;;;; Config
(def config
"When set to :test will trigger the not-boosted branch which won't write to db.
When set to :prod will trigger the boosted branch which will try to write to the db."
{:env :prod})
reborg /
Last active May 8, 2024 14:20
A curated collection of answers that Rich gave throughout the history of Clojure

Rich Already Answered That!

A list of commonly asked questions, design decisions, reasons why Clojure is the way it is as they were answered directly by Rich (even when from many years ago, those answers are pretty much valid today!). Feel free to point friends and colleagues here next time they ask (again). Answers are pasted verbatim (I've made small adjustments for readibility, but never changed a sentence) from mailing lists, articles, chats.

How to use:

  • The link in the table of content jumps at the copy of the answer on this page.
  • The link on the answer itself points back at the original post.

Table of Content

dysinger / gist:8760823
Created February 1, 2014 23:40
Idris -> Java Hello World in 6 lines
$ cabal sandbox init
$ cabal install idris
$ echo 'main : IO () ; main = print "hello"' >hello.idr
$ ./.cabal-sandbox/bin/idris --mvn --codegen Java -o hello hello.idr
$ cd hello
$ mvn -DmainClass=hello package shade:shade
$ java -jar target/hello.jar