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Deploy a Galvanize Vote Splash page

  • Generate a vue app
  • Clean up files
  • Add .env and node_modules to .gitignore
  • Add sign-in route and view
  • Add SASS files: resets, typography, colors
  • Add icon fonts
  • Deploy

List topics:

  • Generate a home route and view in Vue
  • Generate an index route and view in Vue
  • Add topics to Vuex store
  • Add a listTopics action and mutation
  • Create a lessonTopic component
  • Make an express app (index.js and app.js)
  • Create start and dev scripts
  • Add dependencies: body-parser, cors, dotenv, express, knex, m[ ] organ, pg, nodemon
  • Add middleware
  • Create 404 and 500 and handlers
  • Create a database
  • Create a knexfile
  • Create a topic migration
  • Create a topic seed
  • Create a database connection
  • Create a topic router
  • Create a /topic route
  • Create a topic model
  • Add list to topic model
  • Deploy backend
  • Deploy front-end

Archive a topic

  • Create a close-button component
  • Create an archive action
  • Create an archive mutation
  • Create DELETE /topic route
  • Add archive to the topic model

Vote for a topic

  • Add sign-in form
  • Create Vote button component
  • Add currentUser to state
  • Add Sign-in action and mutation
  • Add Downvote mutation & action
  • Add Upvote mutation & action
  • Add toggle vote action
  • Create user migration
  • Create user seed
  • Create vote migration
  • Create vote seed
  • Create User model
  • Add create to User model
  • Add update to User model
  • Add upsert to User model
  • Create Vote model
  • Add create to vote model
  • Add remove to vote model
  • Create user router
  • Add user upsert route
  • Add topic upvote route
  • Add upvote to topic model
  • Add topic downvote route
  • Add downvote to topic model
  • Add /upvote route to topic
  • Add /downvote route to topic

List voters

  • Create Name bubble Component
  • Add list to vote model
  • Add listByTopic to vote model
  • Add readByUser to vote model
  • Add list to user model
  • Add listSome to user model
  • Add listSome to topic model
  • Add addUserVotesToTopics to topic model
  • Add addVotersToTopics to topic model
  • Add listWithVotes to topic model
  • Switch listTopics action to use listWithVotes

Sort topics by vote

  • Add current user voted topics to getters
  • Add sortedTopics to getters
  • Use computed property for list

Add a topic

  • Create Compose window component
  • Create New button component
  • Create submit topic action & mutation
  • Create topic POST route
  • Add create to topic model

Topic detail

  • Create Vue detail route
  • Create topic detail view
  • Create nameplate component
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