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AWS Lightsail vs DigitalOcean, VULTR and Linode
Price breakdown vs DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode:
RAM / CPU Cores / STORAGE / Transfer
LightSail: 512MB, 1, 20GB SSD, 1TB
DO: 512MB, 1, 20GB SSD, 1TB
VULTR: 768MB, 1, 15GB SSD, 1TB
LightSail: 1GB, 1, 30GB SSD, 2TB
DO: 1GB, 1, 30GB SSD, 2TB
VULTR: 1GB, 1, 20GB SSD, 2TB
Linode: 2GB, 1, 24GB SSD, 2TB
LightSail: 2GB, 1, 40GB SSD, 3TB
DO: 2GB, 2, 40GB SSD, 3TB
VULTR: 2GB, 2, 45GB SSD, 3TB
Linode: 4GB, 2, 48GB SSD, 3TB
LightSail: 4GB, 2, 60GB SSD, 4TB
DO: 4GB, 2, 60GB SSD, 4TB
VULTR: 4GB, 4, 45GB SSD, 4TB
Linode: 8GB, 4, 96GB SSD, 4TB
LightSail: 8GB, 2, 80GB SSD, 5TB
DO: 8GB, 4, 80GB SSD, 5TB
VULTR: 8GB, 6, 150GB SSD, 5TB
Linode: 12GB, 6, 192GB SSD, 8TB
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Would it make sense to add Scaleway to this list?

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I made a website that compares different VPS hosting,

also, you can filter by storage/ram/CPU

and sort by pricing

Check it here

Feel free to suggest anything.

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