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Connmanctl Cheat Sheet

Connmanctl Cheat Sheet

Configure WiFi

  • Scan for access points (run multiple times for more complete scan):

      # connmanctl scan wifi
      Scan completed for wifi
  • Display access points discovered:

      # connmanctl services
      *AO Wired                ethernet_9059af5f4217_cable
          HOME-0842            wifi_009e959b585c_484f4d452d30383432_managed_psk
          ATT440               wifi_009e959b585c_415454343430_managed_psk
          andent               wifi_009e959b585c_616e64656e74_managed_psk
          ATT512               wifi_009e959b585c_415454353132_managed_psk
          GoldenBearTriangle   wifi_009e959b585c_476f6c64656e42656172547269616e676c65_managed_psk
          Mr. Pamuk            wifi_009e959b585c_4d722e2050616d756b_managed_psk
          thegirls             wifi_009e959b585c_7468656769726c73_managed_psk
          HappyDays            wifi_009e959b585c_486170707944617973_managed_psk
          tipsycoopaloop       wifi_009e959b585c_7469707379636f6f70616c6f6f70_managed_psk
          2BlueWiFi            wifi_009e959b585c_32426c756557694669_managed_psk
  • Displays details on the AP of interest:

      # connmanctl services wifi_009e959b585c_32426c756557694669_managed_psk
        Type = wifi
        Security = [ psk ]
        State = idle
        Strength = 63
        Favorite = False
        Immutable = False
        AutoConnect = False
        Name = 2BlueWiFi
        Ethernet = [ Method=auto, Interface=wlan0, Address=00:9E:95:9B:58:5C, MTU=1500 ]
        IPv4 = [  ]
        IPv4.Configuration = [ Method=dhcp ]
        IPv6 = [  ]
        IPv6.Configuration = [ Method=auto, Privacy=disabled ]
        Nameservers = [  ]
        Nameservers.Configuration = [  ]
        Timeservers = [  ]
        Timeservers.Configuration = [  ]
        Domains = [  ]
        Domains.Configuration = [  ]
        Proxy = [  ]
        Proxy.Configuration = [  ]
        Provider = [  ]
  • Write config file for connecting to secure AP:

      # cat << EOF > /var/lib/connman/<SSID>-psk.config
      Type = wifi
      Name = <SSID>
      Passphrase = <passphrase>
    • Should be automatically re-read without needing to restart connman.
    • Verify this worked correctly by re-running connmanctl services and observe Immutable, AutoConnect and Favorite are set to true.
  • Connect to the new secure AP:

      # connmanctl connect wifi_009e959b585c_32426c756557694669_managed_psk
    • Verify correct operation by running connmanctl services and observe the local interface address as well as DNS. Also can check ip addr ls and cat /etc/resolv.conf

Comments / Issues

  • WiFi driver + connman-1.17 + beaglebone appears to be buggy with connmanctl disable/enable
  • Connmanctl connect seems buggy, potential it calls enable?

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commented Feb 13, 2017

Frequency = XXXX (wfii frequency in mhz)


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commented Jul 8, 2017

I have a BBBW most recent version

First wifi was working. But after upgrading linux,
I lost wifi.

ifconfig wlan0 up
wlan0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
iwconfig wlan0
wlan0 No such device

wifi is enabled in /var/lib/connman/settings_
connmanctl technologies shows only ethernet.

I tried many linux versions, but I still get the same.
any idea?


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commented Jan 22, 2018

@elmor34 I don't know if you ever solved your issue, but it is most likely due to a known flaw with the BeagleBone Green Wireless where the TI WL18xx Wifi chip gets stuck in a weird / abnormal state after warm reboot. The issue is discussed in depth in several threads such as:!topic/beagleboard/VnQVr0g9YA8

I was able to recover my wifi functionality by upgrading to the latest BBGW kernel (4.4.110-ti-r143) by running the script at: /opt/scripts/tools/


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commented May 20, 2018

Where there are two or more known wireless networks available, is there a way of setting a priority order?
If not, is it possible to set the AutoConnect property to false for a particular SSID? I've tried doing this in the -psk.config file using AutoConnect = false but connman seems to ignore this setting, and looking into the <SSID>-psk/settings file the setting is set to true.

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