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Connmanctl Cheat Sheet

Connmanctl Cheat Sheet

Configure WiFi

  • Scan for access points (run multiple times for more complete scan):

      # connmanctl scan wifi
      Scan completed for wifi
  • Display access points discovered:

      # connmanctl services
      *AO Wired                ethernet_9059af5f4217_cable
          HOME-0842            wifi_009e959b585c_484f4d452d30383432_managed_psk
          ATT440               wifi_009e959b585c_415454343430_managed_psk
          andent               wifi_009e959b585c_616e64656e74_managed_psk
          ATT512               wifi_009e959b585c_415454353132_managed_psk
          GoldenBearTriangle   wifi_009e959b585c_476f6c64656e42656172547269616e676c65_managed_psk
          Mr. Pamuk            wifi_009e959b585c_4d722e2050616d756b_managed_psk
          thegirls             wifi_009e959b585c_7468656769726c73_managed_psk
          HappyDays            wifi_009e959b585c_486170707944617973_managed_psk
          tipsycoopaloop       wifi_009e959b585c_7469707379636f6f70616c6f6f70_managed_psk
          2BlueWiFi            wifi_009e959b585c_32426c756557694669_managed_psk
  • Displays details on the AP of interest:

      # connmanctl services wifi_009e959b585c_32426c756557694669_managed_psk
        Type = wifi
        Security = [ psk ]
        State = idle
        Strength = 63
        Favorite = False
        Immutable = False
        AutoConnect = False
        Name = 2BlueWiFi
        Ethernet = [ Method=auto, Interface=wlan0, Address=00:9E:95:9B:58:5C, MTU=1500 ]
        IPv4 = [  ]
        IPv4.Configuration = [ Method=dhcp ]
        IPv6 = [  ]
        IPv6.Configuration = [ Method=auto, Privacy=disabled ]
        Nameservers = [  ]
        Nameservers.Configuration = [  ]
        Timeservers = [  ]
        Timeservers.Configuration = [  ]
        Domains = [  ]
        Domains.Configuration = [  ]
        Proxy = [  ]
        Proxy.Configuration = [  ]
        Provider = [  ]
  • Write config file for connecting to secure AP:

      # cat << EOF > /var/lib/connman/<SSID>-psk.config
      Type = wifi
      Name = <SSID>
      Passphrase = <passphrase>
    • Should be automatically re-read without needing to restart connman.
    • Verify this worked correctly by re-running connmanctl services and observe Immutable, AutoConnect and Favorite are set to true.
  • Connect to the new secure AP:

      # connmanctl connect wifi_009e959b585c_32426c756557694669_managed_psk
    • Verify correct operation by running connmanctl services and observe the local interface address as well as DNS. Also can check ip addr ls and cat /etc/resolv.conf

Comments / Issues

  • WiFi driver + connman-1.17 + beaglebone appears to be buggy with connmanctl disable/enable
  • Connmanctl connect seems buggy, potential it calls enable?
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Is there a chance to connect without scanning the networks?

I would use it in a embedded environment and it would be very useful, if I have a command like this:

connmanctl services wifi ssid=mywifi psk=123312

What is the hash good for?


Speaking only as a developer who used the library, in my experience you need to have the ID string (the one containing a combination of the network name, and hardware ID mixed in and whatnot), after you have that string you could probably connect without scanning from then on, but you would have to at least scan once in the lifetime of that network usage. I'm pretty sure that this is due to the fact that connman wants to to be specific in your connection attempt in case somebody else uses the same wifi ID. When I dug through the API's I didn't see anything that looked like you could connect with only the wifi name ignoring an initial scan.

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@TylerCox: Thanks, I think what I want to do is not wanted, because of security aspects.

Maybe it would be nice to add this to the cheat sheet:

"The symbols in the output above are: '*' favorite (saved) network, 'A' autoconnectable, 'O' online and 'R' ready. If no letter is shown in the O/R column, the network is not connected. In addition, temporary states include 'a' for association, 'c' configuration and 'd' disconnecting. When any of these three letters are showing, the network is in the process of connecting or disconnecting."
found at this point:

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